Not all vinyl windows are created equal.  Low-grade PVC can bend, bow, and discolor.  That's why UniFrame windows are made from high-quality New Generation vinyl.  Specially formulated uiPVC, New Generation vinyl withstands harsh weather and wear-and-tear better, with through-and-through color to resist the appearance of scratching and look like new for years to come.

Most windows are held together with staples or screws and caulk that can loosen over time.  But UniFrame windows and sashes are pinch fusion welded — an advanced technique that permanently fuses all four sides together into a single weathertight unit.

The insulation value per linear inch of a UniFrame window is seven times greater than an ordinary vinyl frame.  The secret is patented R-Core® insulation — a high-density solid polyurethane insulation, like the kind used in many refrigerator and freezer doors.

Each UniFrame double-hung sill is reinforced with Fiberbeam Reinforcement with I-Beam Construction.  Designed to resist wind velocity of 75 pounds per square foot (equal to a wind load of 170 miles per hour) this technology provides added durability and strength to the sill of the window.  Fiberbeam reinforcements are also included in UniFrame picture windows and sliding windows

UniFrame windows feature the very best in thermal efficiency technology and your choice of five grades of insulation glass packages for optimal performance.  Each system incorporates either argon or krypton.  These safe, naturally occuring gases help to block ther transfer of heat better than air, which increases energy efficiency, adds protection from the sun's damaging rays, and helps to deaden sound.


UniFrame windows are custom-made, available in six colors and natural-looking woodgrain finishes.  UniFrame offers a number of decorative and art glass styles, as well as integrated grids.  And you don't have to trade aesthetics for thermal performance.  Each decorative glass style combines elegant detailing with full insulating glass energy efficiency.